Corporate Social Responsibility

By signing the charter of Circular Economy Switzerland, earlybird skis commits itself to the following principles:


In a circular economy, resource consumption, waste, emissions and energy losses are minimized by closing, slowing down and reducing material and energy cycles. This is achieved through durable and recyclable design, maintenance, repair, reuse, refurbishment, recycling and cascade use, as well as through appropriately designed business models that focus on use rather than ownership.


1. understanding circular economy

Our understanding of recycling management is comprehensive and holistic.

- All stages of the value chain are taken into account:

' extraction and production of natural resources/materials or their import

' Manufacture/production of parts and products

' Supply, wholesale and retail

' consumption and use of products and


' Return systems, material and product

recycling, waste utilization and waste management

- Material and energy cycles are changed in three ways:

' Closure of material and energy cycles through cascade use, reuse, treatment and recycling

Slowing down material and energy cycles by extending product life through durable design, repair and maintenance

Reduction of material and energy cycles through efficiency increases and savings as well as preferential use of renewable raw materials and energy sources


2. general/governance

- We are open to cooperation - across all political, religious, cultural or ethnic boundaries - with individuals and organizations that share the vision, mission and principles of Circular Economy Switzerland.

- We work effectively and efficiently towards fulfilling our mission.

- We ensure transparency and honesty in our projects.

- We disseminate truthful information.

- We respect human rights.

- We respect the applicable laws.

- We do not tolerate corruption, bribery and other financial irregularities.


3. cooperation

- In order to advance the vision and mission together, we rely on exchange and cooperation.

- We want to complement each other in our strengths and use synergies.

- We strive to promote the network, arrange contacts, involve other stakeholders and get involved.


4. exchange of knowledge

- We promote the exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience within the network.

- We show the willingness to learn and to question one's own thoughts and actions.

- We respect the copyrights as well as individual ideas or intellectual property within the network and will only use them with the appropriate permission and a reference to the authors.



We are convinced that the recycling industry can only develop its potential through cross-industry and cross-sectoral approaches. That is why Circular Economy Switzerland focuses on partnerships, exchange and cooperation. The signatories of the charter agree with this principle.