At earlybird skis, we want nothing but the best skis. But not at all cost. Our partners share the same passion to run ethical sound and ecological proper businesses. Because that is easier said than done, we all work hard to make our place a better place every day. Our friends in Japan call it "kaizen". Are you running a circular economy company, too? Feel free to call us and become partners in crime.

POW motivates outdoor people to become climate advocates. POW is a community of individuals, professional athletes, experts and committed brands to address climate change. The love for nature is their motivation to take action to protect our winters.

Mountain Wilderness is the alpine protection organisation of Switzerland. Mountain Wilderness is committed to wilderness and environmentally friendly mountain sports.

Myclimate is our partner for effective climate protection – we compensate the minimized carbon footprint of our entire ski production. All our skis are 100% climate neutral.

Movement for a circular economy. The network acts as a catalyst for a new Swiss-wide circular economy movement with various projects and events. earlybird skis signed the circular economy charta and will act according to the principles of the declaration.

100% green and sustainable. The next generation of ski waxes. We're researching in harmony with nature to protect our mountains and provide you with a truly sustainable skiwax.