At earlybird, all skis are built with bio based and recycled materials. We use sustainably sourced wood for the core, sidewall and topsheet, bio based resin and all natural ski wax. earlybird skis is proud to produce the world`s most sustainable eco freeride skis!

Bio based topsheet

Our topsheet is either made from wood or natural castor beans. The latter is super light and scratch resistant.

Bio based recyclable epoxy resin

The resin we use at earlybird skis is a revolution to the ski industry as it allows us to disassemble and recycle all materials.

Recycled materials

The best ski edges are made in Austria from recycled steel. The ski base is a ptex race base made from recycled materials.

Wood sourcing

All wood in earlybird skis is sustainably sourced according to FSC-standards.

Renewable energy

earlybird skis uses renewable energy to produce our skis and to run our company.

Water protection

The ski wax we use at earlybird skis is bio based and free of fluor or other toxic ingredients.


The overall carbon footprint of earlybird skis is the lowest in the ski industry and is compensated with myclimate - our skis are 100% climate neutral.

Circular economy

The layup of earlybird skis is fully delaminateable, all materials can therefore be recycled separately.